Step 1

Create a SOUNDAC account

Before you begin, ensure you have a SOUNDAC username in order to be able to receive XSD. If you don't have one, create one here and return back to this page.

Step 2

Select means of payment

Choose which of the 3 supported cryptocurrencies you want to spend in order to receive XSD.

BTC, ETH and LTC are currently accepted

Step 3

Enter amount below

You have three options. You can enter the desired:

1) Amount of BTC, ETH or LTC you wish to spend
2) Amount of XSD you wish to receive
3) USD value of XSD to receive


Please be aware that this process of purchasing XSD operates through a third party: CryptoWolf. If you experience any issues in receiving your requested XSD, please contact Cryptowolf. Alternatively, you can also purchase XSD from the exchanges listed on our website.

Contact CryptoWolf